The highest award in the transport and logistics sector in Austria, the logistics manager, goes 2018 to our Managing Director Ms. Ingrid Glauninger. On November 7, 2018, she was honored at a big gala in Vienna. We congratulate!

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Vorschau Wahl Logistikmanager2018 Glauninger

Video of Ms. Ingrid Glauninger to the nomination as Logistics-Manager 2018
(© Video: Wochenzeitung verkehr)

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The renowned and weekly published transport and logistics newspaper "verkehr" has for the seventh time organized the election as logistics manager of the year. This award is the largest in Austria in the transport and logistics sector. The winner will be determined from a total vote, which results in equal parts from the decision of a technical advisory committee, which consists of industry representatives, scientists and transport politicians, and the online vote of the readers of the "verkehr". The expert advisory board of "verkehr" nominated three personalities for the election as logistics manager. The nominees had to have achieved above-average performance in at least one of the following categories: ecology, innovation, economics and role model (education and training, quality, reputation). The nominees for the online vote were Mr. Christian Steindl (Managing Director of Cargo Center Graz), Ms. Beate Färber-Venz (Managing Director of Venz GmbH in Hagenbrunn) and our Ms. Ingrid Glauninger (Managing Director of Montan Speditions GmbH).

As part of the logistics election 2018 on November 7, 2018, the winner was jointly awarded by the Austrian Trade Association and the weekly newspaper "verkehr". The Advisory Board and the readers of "verkehr" voted and elected Ingrid Glauninger as Logistics Manager of the Year 2018. The award was presented to Ms. Glauninger in a huge jubilation and in the presence of hundreds of visitors at a big gala in the ÖAMTC headquarters in Vienna-Erdberg.

Thus, the highest logistics prize this year goes to Kapfenberg and made not only the award winner, but the entire team of Montan Spedition incredibly proud. Ingrid Glauninger, the logistics manager in 2018, took over the management of Montan Spedition in 1997 and consistently expanded and internationalized it over the following years. She was honored not only personally, but also on behalf of the outstanding achievements of the entire company.

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