Montan Spedition presents a world first, the MOCO-Triple!

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This is a special version of the proven MOCO-Bulk. The MOCO-Triple is a 30 ft-OT (Open Top)-Container for the transport of heavy bulky goods like ores for the steel industry. It can be stacked 3 high while transported on rail when it's empty. Due to the low height of the MOCO-Triple, the maximum transport height ("High-Cube") is optimally utilized. Therefore also unpaired material flows can be offered due to optimized pre-leg-costs and so new markets and relations can be developed.

» Flexible Loading and Unloading

→ Loading with bulky material from the top
→ Unloading bulky material by tipping
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→ Loading and unloading with cranable goods from the top
→ Unloading bulky material with clutch or excavator

» Varied Transportation Opportunities

→ Street: transport on trucking-chassis
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→ Rail: transport on railway car

» Easy Handling

→ With reach stacker
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→ Empty also with regular forklift truck

» MOCO-Triple as „rolling stock“

→ Storage of goods in container at depot
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» Properties and Advantages of Triple-Container

  • High loading weights
  • 100% weather protection with roof racks and tarpaulin
  • Robust design with steel construction, but low tare weight
    • big grain size of bulky material possible
    • fix side walls on 3 sides enable form-closed load securing
    • container floor built as wood floor
  • Ideal for bulky material with bulk weight bigger 1,6 to/m³ or cranable goods with bundle length up to 9m
        and cross-section not bigger than 800 mm
  • Opportunity for a comprehensive raw material logistics

» Raw Material Logistics

Fallbeispiel UKV MOCO Triple eng web klein

» Technical Details

  • Length: 30 ft (outside 9.150 mm, inside up to 8.975 mm)
  • Width: outside 2.550 mm, inside up to 2.438 mm
  • Height: outside 946 mm, sides up to 900 mm
  • Loading volume: up to 17 m³
  • Tare weight: ca. 2.550 kg
  • Available Quantity: 360 pcs.