As an international forwarding agency, we offer not only classical transport and storage services, but also supporting logistics services.


» Customs-Services

  • Interal customs department for comprehensive customs service
  • Import- and export-declarations
  • Transit document procedure (T1, Carnet-TIR-issuing, etc.) or every other customs services

» Container-Loading and -Unloading

  • Loading (stuffing) or unloading (stripping) of box-containers
  • Comprehensive container management: collecting export goods with tilt-truck and stuffing export container or stripping import container and delivery of import goods with truck

» Container-Transports

  • Multimodal container transports with regular 20, 30 and 40 ft-containers
  • Organisation of container-transports from or to European sea ports
  • Container-Trucking from or to arrival- respective departure-terminal

» Wagon-Loading and -Unloading

  • All locations with own connecting line/side track for each type of wagon-loading and -unloading
  • Covered and weather protected goods manipulation
  • Organisation of wagon management: from ordering wagons till wagon processing (e.g. issuing CIM-waybill)
  • Station-No Montan-sites:
    • Kapfenberg CCT: 0081-01982-8
    • Connecting line/side track Fürnitz: 04420-6
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» Big Bag-Management

  • Filling big bags with bulky material
  • Emptying and disposal
  • Loading of silo-trucks with material out of big bags
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» Container-Maintenance

Internal workshop which is permitted by the German Lloyd for the repair of all types of containers.

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