In addition to our multi modal traffic solutions we organise within Europe also all kinds of conventional truck transports on full and part load sector.


» Tip-Truck

  • Bulky goods transports with own network of tip-truck-carriers
  • Equipped with aluminum or steel-dump-trailer
  • Loading capacity 50 - 80 m³ respectively 25 tons per load

» Tilt/Curtain-Side-Truck ("Tautliner")

  • Full or part loads up to 40 tons with curtain-side-trailers
  • Transport of  goods up to 13,6 m length, 2,5 m width, 2,6 m height and a loading weight up to 25 tons

 » Container-Trucking

In line with our specialization in the UCT-sector, we also serve classic container trucking services.

  • Trucking of 20, 30, 40 and 45 ft-container
  • 30 ft-Tipping-Chassis for discharging of bulky goods out of 20 or 30 ft-container

» ADR-Transports

  • Truck transports also with goods which are covered by the ADR-regulations
  • Vehicles equipped with hazardous goods equipment according to ADR-requirements and all drivers with dangerous goods driving license, internal dangerous goods commissioner